Virtualization Technology

Virtualization technology makes up the foundation of the modern data center. Its application is well felt in every aspect of the enterprise. From the network to storage, servers to clients, no facet of your business technology is left untouched by the concepts, design, and architecture of virtualization.

This technology is so far reaching, and so broad, that it takes a dedicated team of top notch technologists to make sense of it. Winslow Technology Group has been working with virtualization technologies across every vertical in businesses of every size for over a decade.

Today more than ever, a trusted advisor with virtualization technology expertise should be an important member of your team. Contact us so we can get started.

Virtualization Technology
Hyper Converged

The Hyper Converged space is one of the hottest and fastest growing spaces in our industry. This approach is exciting, and affects every decision you will make in your datacenter from now on. While Hyper Converged Infrastructures aren’t new, they are gaining momentum and can’t be responsibly ignored. Properly sizing and implementing a Hyper Converged Infrastructure introduces new challenges for your IT staff. Your team doesn’t do this every day, after all. But Winslow Technology Group does. We are experts in the design and implementation of Hyper Converged infrastructures. Leverage our experience to avoid making mistakes.