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PernixData lets you build perfect storage by optimizing performance, management and cost for your individual business needs. This is achieved via two products: FVP Software and Architect Software.

FVP Software

The premier platform for storage acceleration. It eliminates performance bottlenecks by creating a low latency, fault tolerant I/O acceleration tier using server flash/RAM. The result is fast VMs with scale-out growth.

Storage and VM Acceleration

PernixData FVP® software creates a low latency, fault tolerant I/O acceleration tier using high-speed server media (i.e. Flash and/or RAM). Customers can leverage any storage platform for capacity, creating a decoupled storage architecture that delivers the following benefits:

  • • 10x faster VMs on average
  • • Storage performance that cost effectively scales-out with compute resources
  • • 95% lower storage costs by avoiding the purchase of unnecessary hardware
  • • 100% Non-Disruptive
    • FVP software is deployed inside the hypervisor kernel in less than 10 minutes with no changes (or reboots) to hosts, storage, network or VMs.
  • • Seamless clustered operations
    • VM migrations (vMotion, DRS, HA) are seamless within an FVP cluster. VMs can remotely access data on server-side flash/RAM on demand for continued acceleration.
  • • Read and write acceleration with fault tolerance
    • By synchronously replicating between server media, FVP lets you accelerate both reads and writes with complete confidence.
  • • Distributed Fault Tolerant Memory (DFTM)
    • Use available RAM as a fault-tolerant medium for server-side storage acceleration. FVP’s RAM compression technology ensures the best performance at flash-like price points.
  • • Scale-out storage performance in a predictable manner
    • Add storage performance where and when you need it most by adding more server media to an FVP cluster.

Architect Software

The premier platform for storage management. It marries VM and storage intelligence for proactive data center design, deployment, operations and optimization. It is completely hardware independent, giving unsurpassed visibility and control in any data center environment.

Architect the Data Center of Your Dreams

PernixData Architect™ is a revolutionary software platform for holistic data center design, deployment, operations and optimization. It combines a best-in-class user experience with robust real-time analytics and design recommendations to deliver unprecedented visibility and control of virtualized applications and the underlying storage infrastructure.

  • • Real-time analytics
    • Architect uses real-time descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics for optimal storage and VM design.
  • • 100% hardware agnostic
    • Architect is a 100% software solution that runs in the hypervisor kernel, making it compatible with all hardware on VMware’s HCL list. No changes required to infrastructure.
  • • Best-in-class user experience
    • From a single pane of glass you get all pertinent details at your fingertips, with detailed analytics and drill downs available for more analysis.
  • • Turn big data into big knowledge
    • Architect continuously generates new data based on dynamic VM and infrastructure conditions and correlates it with third party information

With PernixData software, you can design, deploy, operate and optimize storage with virtualized applications in mind.