Storage Networking: Fibre Channel and IP Storage

Fibre Channel

With Brocade Fibre Channel technology-based backbones and switches, you’ve got the firepower to deliver high-performance connectivity across the campus or across the globe. Scale your network on demand—move more data more places—as you keep costs of ownership reined in.

Increase Your Agility and Adaptability

Turn on a dime. Keep pace with fast-growing users demand with “pay-as-you-grow” scalability. Enable the highest port density and simpler fabrics to cut capital and operating costs.

Enjoy Unmatched Network Manageability

Provide unprecedented insight and visibility across the storage network with Brocade Fabric Vision technology for powerful built-in monitoring, management, and diagnostic tools that deploy 15 years of management best practices.

Experience Continuous Availability Across Your Network

Address disruptions. Put a halt to bottlenecks. Deploy upgrades transparently. Deliver predictable application performance for mission-critical networks. And save money with technologies that end application performance glitches.

IP Storage

With Brocade IP storage networking, you benefit from recent innovations in Ethernet technology. Lightning-fast 10 GbE delivers the performance and predictability your demanding storage environment requires. And a flatter, multipath mesh network architecture streamlines administration and troubleshooting and slashes deployment and operational costs.


Simplify Storage Management

Make life easier with a single administrative domain. Contain potential storage management issues before they proliferate. Eliminate finger pointing with a dedicated network built on IP technology.


Improve Performance

Meet next-generation storage demands now. 10GbE speed addresses reliability and congestion concerns. And Ethernet fabric technology provides a flatter architecture that’s ideal for IP storage.


Decrease Costs

With a self-provisioning, self-healing fabric, maintenance and service costs drop dramatically. When all links are active and traffic re-routes automatically, your IP storage network is both efficient and resilient.