Cloud Solutions for Your Business

The biggest buzzword to hit IT in recent memory, many businesses don’t have a clear picture of what a cloud architecture can do for them. There are many different approaches to cloud enable your enterprise, with different risks and business values along the way.

Let Winslow Technology Group work with you across these many options, architectures, philosophies, and approaches so you can reap its benefits for your business, including but not limited to:

1. Cost Advantage

Eliminate the cost associated with hardware and maintenance and enjoy significant savings by migrating your business to the cloud.

2. Productivity and Convenience

Expect a much improved productivity and take advantage of a cloud storage for your business. It eliminates the need for physical space and maintenance while allowing employees to focus on more important tasks.

3. Enterprise-Level Security

With the cloud being housed in a data center and backed up by multiple servers, you’re not just able to save valuable physical space, but take advantage of enterprise-level security, as well.

Cloud IT Solutions

We work with the largest public cloud providers to deliver you a top notch experience. From infrastructure as a service to SaaS offerings, we have a broad range of solutions to address your off-premise needs. We employ infrastructure intelligence tools to measure what your environment is using for resources all across the stack to help ensure accurate comparisons and expectations.


A hybrid cloud is the best of both worlds, and many of our customers end up going with some flavor of hybrid cloud. A mix of on-premise and off-premise technologies, this allows us to cater to the needs of applications in various stages of their lifecycle to deliver the appropriate level of service needed at the time. We work with cloud enabled technologies all across the datacenter to make the transition between on and off premise clouds easy and fruitful. Let’s have a discussion on where we can leverage off-premise services to simplify your existing datacenter.


A private cloud can afford your business the benefits of the public cloud, but without some of the perceived risks of off premise architectures. If you want the ease of use, self-service, simplified management, or other benefits of a private cloud but are concerned about public cloud risks, or have found the public cloud to not be an economical approach for your business, WTG can help you build a private cloud that is a perfect fit.


Winslow Technology Group works with the top colocation providers in the world. We can help you put together a world class technology stack into some of the best datacenters out there. One of the challenges here can be assessing what you need to get accurate information. We have practiced the process and know the procedures cold.