Nutanix makes infrastructure invisible, elevating IT to focus on the applications and services that power their business.

The Nutanix enterprise cloud platform leverages web-scale engineering and consumer-grade design to natively converge compute, virtualization and storage into a resilient, software-defined solution with rich machine intelligence. The result is predictable performance, cloud-like infrastructure consumption, robust security, and seamless application mobility for a broad range of enterprise applications.

The world’s most advanced enterprise datacenters rely on Nutanix technology to power their mission-critical workloads at any scale.


Two comprehensive product families, Nutanix Acropolis and Nutanix Prism, simplify the entire IT lifecycle and free applications from the economic and architectural restrictions imposed by legacy on-premise infrastructure.

Acropolis and Prism are available in different software-based editions so that you can easily select the right capabilities to meet your infrastructure needs. For maximum flexibility, all software editions are available across the entire line of Nutanix appliances.

Why Nutanix?

Only Nutanix provides true web-scale engineering married with consumer-grade management to simplify every aspect of the IT infrastructure lifecycle.


Bring uncompromising simplicity to every aspect of the infrastructure lifecycle, from buying and deploying to managing and scaling


Scale compute and storage quickly and incrementally, going from three servers to thousands with 100% predictable performance


Run any workload at any scale on a versatile infrastructure platform, eliminating silos and management complexity


Run business-critical and mission-critical applications on self-healing infrastructure that is built for always-on operation


Nutanix Prism gives administrators a simple and elegant way to manage virtual environments. Powered by advanced data analytics and heuristics, Prism simplifies and streamlines common workflows within a datacenter eliminating the need to have disparate management solutions.


  • Simplified workflows with rich built-in automation
  • Consumer-grade experience with one-click simplicity
  • Centralized solution for infrastructure management and everyday operations

Prism Editions

The Starter edition offers single and multi site management of Nutanix clusters. This edition delivers a comprehensive systems management solution.

The Pro edition offers advanced machine intelligence, operations & automation capabilities, also offers VM operations management & systems management.


Nutanix Acropolis is a powerful scale-out data fabric for storage, compute and virtualization. Acropolis combines feature-rich software-defined storage with built-in virtualization in a turnkey hyperconverged infrastructure solution that can run any application at any scale.


• Run any enterprise application out-of-the-box in 60 minutes or less

• Eliminate the need for standalone SAN or NAS-based storage

• Reduce the complexity of legacy virtualization management, while lowering virtualization costs by up to 80%

Acropolis Editions

The Starter edition offers the core set of Nutanix software functionality. This edition is ideal for small-scale deployments with a limited set of workloads.

The Pro edition offers rich data services, along with resilience and management features. This edition is ideal for enterprises running multiple applications on a Nutanix cluster or with large-scale single workload deployments.

The Ultimate edition offers the full suite of Nutanix software capabilities to tackle complex infrastructure challenges. This edition is ideal for multi-site deployments and for meeting advanced security requirements.


Nutanix offers a wide range of platforms to run any workload. Multiple appliance types can be mixed in a single cluster, enabling flexible and linear scaling of capacity and performance.